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Topking Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting fixtures

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    ED wall washers, LED floodlights, LED linear lights, LED pixel modules, LED recessed wall lights, LED underground lights, LED pool lights, LED strip lights, China
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Company Profile
Topking Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an established manufacturer of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting fixtures. The company has been offering creative, strategic, and purposeful solutions that enhance architectural elements in an exciting and inspirational way since 2002. Located in Zhongshan, China, Topking operates an independent 8,000 square meter manufacturing facility with full-blown capabilities to develop and produce cost competitive, premium quality, durable fixtures customized to suit any project. Topking is dedicated to delivering truly meaningful lighting by integrating technology, design and energy efficiency with human sensibility.

Driven by genuine passion for delivering stunning effects to architectural and landscape details, Topking offers a comprehensive range of economically sensible, environmentally friendly and exceptionally reliable lighting products that includes LED wall washers, LED floodlights, LED linear lights, LED pixel modules, LED recessed wall lights, LED underground lights, LED pool lights, and LED strip lights. These performance-engineered lighting fixtures combines the functionality, durability with modern aesthetics. The complete color spectrum, effective color rendering, versatile lighting distribution, as well as feature-rich functionality enhanced by digital lighting control corresponds perfectly to the changing needs of designers and architects that require versatile sources and high reliability for outdoor installations for architectural lighting, landscape lighting, facade lighting, garden lighting, water features, outdoor structures, landmarks, monuments, theaters, bridges, hotels, shopping centers, night clubs and bars.

Through its multifaceted manufacturing infrastructure and dynamic and cross-train team of outstanding lighting professionals, Topking provides project management of turnkey lighting solutions. From exquisite garden decors to grand architectural masterpieces, Topking will cater to your vision by combining its knowledge and expertise in product development, customized engineering and integrated lighting design.
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